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      Products >> Fusing Machine Series

      JN-600LF-L/JN-900LF-L/JN-1200LF-L/JN-1400LF-L/JN-1600LF-L/JN-1800LF-L Fusing Machine


      The seamless beit is adopted as standerd and it promises long life.

      The big pressurization roller assures uniform high pressure.

      The horizonal pressurization prevents puckering.

      The heater position line is curbed shape. This special curbed line offer good.

      Heat efficiency and good fusing result.

      The cooling fun will make cool down the fused material immediately.

      Model JN-600LF-L JN-900LF-L
      Voitage 380V 380V
      Heater 5.5KW 6.3KW
      Fusing Width 600mm 900mm
      MAX Belt Speed 14m/min 14m/min
      MAX Pressure 0.5Mpa 0.5Mpa
      MAX Temperature 200ºC 200ºC
      Dimension 3100×900×1100mm 3370×1200×1100mm
      Weight 450kg 600kg
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