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      Products >> Fusing Machine Series

      JN-450MS-S Fusing Machine


      Specially designed with electrical elements such as SSR and PC Board etc.

      Fitted with latest belt-warping-prevention system.

      Equippes with warning buzzer for warning(when beit is not in position).

      Designed for easy maintenance.

      The divided heater improves the fusing performance.

      Sillcon ruber on the lower roller guarantees better and stronger pressure.

      New pressure and driving mechanism assures uniformed pressure.

      It is small hence requires only limited space for installation.

      Wide working table is a standard feature.

      Model JN-450MS-S
      Voitage 220V
      Heater 4.2KW
      Fusing Width 450mm
      MAX Belt Speed 8.7m/min
      MAX Pressure 1.5kg/cm2
      MAX Temperature 200ºC
      Dimension 1660×880×350mm
      Weight 150kg
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