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      Products >> Cutting (Slitter) Machine Series

      JN-833S Servo Semi-Automatic Cutting (Slitter) Machine

      Function: It suitable for cutting fabric, leather, paper, interlining, chemical fabric, etc. Servo motor drives the ball screw to shift and positioning, high accurate, frequency inverter control, the main shaft and cutter will change the cutting speed according to different material, there is no need to worry about the cutting edge may glue together.

      Technical Parameters:

      Maximum processing size: Diameter φ30cm, Length 210cm

      Minimum processing size: 3mm

      Dimension of applicable size: φ350*φ38.1/φ32*2.8(mm); φ400*φ38.1/φ32*2.8(mm)

      Voltage: 220V, 50Hz

      Power: 2.2KW

      Need to use with compressor: 0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa

      Machine size: 298*135*150(cm)

      Packing size: 303*138*162(cm)

      Net weight: 730kg

      Gross weight: 850kg

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