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      Products >> Ironing And Press Series

      JN-BS-II Spray Steam Vacuum Ironing Table
      JN-BS-III Spray Steam Vacuum Ironing Table

      Steam vacuuming table(with clamping pressurized) is the equipment for woolen sweater, pneumatic clamping pressurized device make the sweater appress the table, steam jet, vacuum pumping moist-chilling but stereotypes, relative to other table, it can savings arltifical, improve the work efficiency; The table will make more natural ironing effect, the sweater will be morefluffy, soft and solid after sizing; and there are advantages as below;

      1. Lately artificially engineering principle, inclined shape design, easy to operate.

      2. Intergrative vacuuming accumulation energy case, save the space and easy to more.

      3. With pedal/automatic steam jet and vacuuming fuction, when the batch sweater ironing, make sure uniform steam jet and vacuuming time, make the sizing effect of every sweater are the same, uniform quality, solve the nonuniform effect because of randomness.

      4. Pneumatic clamping pressurized device make the sweater appress the table, relative to other table, more radical steam jet and vacuuming effect.

      5. Attached heat steam brush(choose), then afterfinish the corner position of sweater, make the effect more perfect.

      Technology Parameters:

      1. Input voltage: 1PH AC220V, 50/60Hz / 3PH AC380V, 50/60Hz

      2. Input power: 0.85kw/0.75kw

      3. Steam pressure: 0.4-0.5Mpa

      4. Steam consume: 40-60kg/h

      5. Compressed air pressure: 0.4-0.5Mpa

      6. Compressed air consume: 0.5L/min

      7. Net Area of Table:




      8. Machine size: Depending on model

      9. Machine weight: Depending on model

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