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      Products >> Trademark Printing Machine And Heat Transfer Machine Series



      ● Automatic Air Driving Mode.

      ● Mica Lamination Heating Mode, Temperature Even.

      ● Horizontal Pressuring Method to Protecting From Misplacement Situation.

      ● Easy To Operate.Pressure Meter, Temp. Meter, Timer Are Concentrated In One Operating Plate.

      ● Easy To Clean Clause The Upper Press Plate Adopt Aluminum And Teflon Materials.

      ● Easy And Soon To Change The Lower Press Plate According To Different Requirements.

      Model JN-18-5 JN-6
      Working size 450*360mm 150*150mm
      Voltage 1P-220V 1P-220V
      Heater 2.5kw 0.4kw
      Max pressure 0.57kg/cm2 0.61kg/cm2
      Dimension 485*850*1005mm 312*400*610mm
      Packing size 680*880*1160mm 380*425*730mm
      N.W.(kg) 93kg 13.7kg
      G.W.(kg) 117kg 21kg
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