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      Products >> Trademark Printing Machine And Heat Transfer Machine Series

      JN-18-8S Hydraulic Air Operated Sublimation Transfers Mmachine

      This equipment adopts oil pressurized mode, automatically controlled, which keeps an evenly pressurized balance. The pressure can be regulated according to requirements of hot stamping product. Heating tube and plate will be casted together, safe and durable in use, evenly heated with strongly thermal conductivity. Due to its larger area of transfer printing, we may undertake large-scale billboard and tablet print.

      Main specification:

      Voltage(V) 380
      Power(KW) 9.5 14.5 18.5
      Temperature Range(ºC) 0-399
      Time Range(S) 0-999
      Air pressure(KG) 0-100kg/cm3
      Work table size(cm) 80*100 100*120 110*160
      Weight(kg) 300 380 580
      Packing Dimension(cm) 150*110*160 160*120*160 190*150*160
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