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      Products >> Shirt Machine Series

      JN-8405P Travelling Head Automatic Shirt Placket Fusing Machine

      Features: Touch panel operation, base plate can move, vertical pressure and wind pressure system, it suitable for shirt placket fusing, PLC control, operation is flexible, easy and convenient.

      JN-8933 Double Work Position Automatic Shirt Placket Fusing Machine

      Features: Use double work station back and forth rotary structure which can improve productivity; Operation panel adopt numerical control and digital temperature controller, fusing time and fusing temperature can be adjusted, it is more accurate and easy to operate.

      JN-8401A Double Work Position Shirt Arm Hole Press

      Features: Dual mode rotation design, improve productivity. Touch panel, operator can choose light press or heavy press.

      JN-8934 Automatic Triple-Buck Fusing Press

      Features: Three mode rotation design, improve productivity. Heating upper die and cooling upper die can work at the same time. Use split type pressure cylinder, pressure can reach 3.5kg/cm2.
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